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Linux User Group HOWTO

Si deseas crear una comunidad de linux, te recomiendo visitar esta web oficial LUG

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Other sources of information

2. What is a GNU/Linux user group?
2.1 What is GNU/Linux?
2.2 How is GNU/Linux unique?
2.3 What is a user group?
2.4 Summary

3. What LUGs exist?
3.1 LUG lists
3.2 Solidarity versus convenience

4. What does a LUG do?
4.1 GNU/Linux advocacy
4.2 The limits of advocacy
4.3 GNU/Linux education
4.4 GNU/Linux support
4.5 Linux socialising

5. LUG activities
5.1 Meetings
5.2 Online resources

6. Practical suggestions
6.1 LUG support organisations
6.2 Founding a LUG
6.3 Maintaining and growing a LUG

7. Legal and political issues
7.1 Organisational legal issues
7.2 Other legal issues
7.3 Software politics
7.4 Elections, democracy, and turnover

8. About this document
8.1 Terms of use
8.2 New versions
8.3 Please contribute to this HOWTO
8.4 Document history
8.5 Acknowledgements

fuente: Linux User Group HOWTO

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